ARCHIMEDES S.A.. is currently seeking the services of qualified civil
construction technicians to work in its branches abroad (GREECE).
Vacancies are available for the following positions: 25 Builders, 20
Pilots 25 Painters 14 Architects 80 Electricians 55 welders 60 Plumbers
120 Carpenters 57 general workers 7 geologist Interested applicants must
send their CV by email: ( ). The wages are
negotiable. The salary starts from 1200 euro - 8000 euros per hour. The
company is responsible for their accommodation and flight tickets to the
job site (Greece ). Applicants must be at least 25 years of age and
must hold a valid passport and ready to travel within 15 days of signing
the employment contract. Do not lose your chance now ... Take advantage
of your opportunity while there is still time. Head of Contracting:
Constantinou Jams WhatssApp +30 697 023 2492

- ARCHIMEDES S.A.. Co. 2019 - We strive to offer.
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Dunn Building Company

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