New Gemei 3in1 Hair curler straighter Waves LCD Display adjustable Temperature GM-2979


Power indicator light
Temperature control 100-230 degree c
For all hair types
Adjustable temperature type.
Super straight styles, never stick to the hair

Heating up:

The appliance switch must be at "OFF". Please unroll the cord and plug the mains plug into a suitable socket (230 volts).
Put the switch into the "ON" position, then the appliance is working 

Before straightening, the washed hair should be completely dry and combined thoroughly. Divide your hair in strands with a comb. 
The appliance should only be used for the styling of natural hair. 
Take a strand about 5cm wide between forefinger and middle finger, and press the straightener together over the strand of hair. You may need to use hair clips to separate strands in thick hair.
Keep the appliance closed for a few seconds.
Slowly move the straightner away from the roots fo the hair towards its tips.
Do exactly the same with the next strands of hairs.
The appliance should only be used for the styling of the natural hair
Never touch the hot surfaces
To avoid burn, do not use the hair straightener too closed to the skin of the scalp. You should also avoid touching the skin on the neck or face.
Keep the straghtener closed for 10 seconds at most, so that you do not damage the hair.
Allow our hair to cool down, and then brush if into the desired style.
Please place the straightener on a heat-resistant surface only when beign heated up or hot.
After use:

Turn the switch to the "OFF" position and unplug the applance from the mains.
Allow the appliance to cool down for at least 15 minutes before storage.

Note For Delivery Service :

1) Inside Kathmandu Valley : Free Delivery Same Day/Next Day delivery service. 
2) Outside Kathmandu Valley : 2-3 Working Days Plus delivery charge is Rs 120.
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