extraordinary trek takes you from Rara Lake, Nepal’s biggest lake, to Khaptad
National Park, a hidden gem in Far West Nepal. The clear, high altitude lake of
Rara, which mirrors the snow capped Himalayas, is ringed with blue pine, black
juniper forest and Himalayan cypress Lake Rara is a popular serenity pilgrimage
for Nepalese. In summer
rainfall is low, and ideal for trekking. In the winter there is often snow on
the ridge surrounding the lake, in the autumn season trekkers are rewarded with
a profusion of alpine flowers. Rara Lake is five kilometers long and two
kilometers wide and is the largest lake in Nepal. The national Park is one of
the best places in Nepal to see wildlife: musk deer, leopards, ghorals, tahr,
Himalayan black beer, and the rare red panda are all native.

wonderful journey starting with a scenic flight to warm tropic at Nepalgunj
city in Nepal’s Far South West, and then taking another sweeping flight to land
in Jumla where our walk begins to Rara Lake visiting, the trail leads through
interesting villages of Hindu Thakuri Malla and Tibetan influenced tribes with
rich old traditions and custom, walk leads with amazing views of high snow
capped mountains.

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